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Monday March 01st, 2021


Magouëro Village

Magouëro is the village where I was born. I have been living there for 18 years. I still own a house there, so I go back there from time to time ... "Magouëro" means "little stone bridge" in Breton. This village is part of Plouhinec town, Pleheneg in Breton. The town center is about 3.5 km from the village. The beach is about 800 meters from my house.

The village next to mine is named "Kerprat". The landmarks of Kerprat are the St Cornély chapel and its fountain.

St Cornely chapel:

Chapelle de St CornÚly Calvaire de la chapelle

Every year, the saint Cornély (saint of beasts with horns) is celebrated. There is the annual mess in the chapel and a march to the fountain.

Fontaine St CornÚly Lavoir

All around the village, there are the dunes and the see ... On the left photo, we can see Groix island that is just in front of the Magouëro.

Dunes et ile de Groix Dunes du Magouero


Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur Ó tous, amis zabanautes !


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