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Tuesday January 26th, 2021




This is the standard one player mastermind. The computer generates a random sequence of colors, and you have 13 tries to find it.


Select 5 colors, and then click validate.
Click on "Erase" if you want to change your combination before you validate.
When the game is over, either because you won or because you used the 13 possibilities, just reload the page to start a new game !


A small gray ball means "One color is good and at the right place".
A small white ball means "One color is good but at the wrong place".
No small colored ball means "No color is correct".


Author: Caroline Larboulette. This is my first java applet. I hope there are not too many bugs left, but it seems to work. Any comment or suggestion to improve this game is welcome, email me.


Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur à tous, amis zabanautes !


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