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Saturday September 26th, 2020


My 24

The quality of the photos is not very good because I've taken wrong options on my camera, sorry about that :-(


Chadi and Caroline mmm, it's good !! This is Annabelle the sheep ! Ouch .. no comment ! Zab, US style Nico and Perrine Erwan


Nico and Annabelle, it's love !! Caroline and her birthday cakes Too much people here ! Enjoy ! Perrine, Chadi and Fred Fred Nico


Chadi Nico and Chadi ... fighting :-) Perrine, Nico, Chadi and Fred Erwan ... looking around Our fire, at its beginnings Go Nico, it's almost done ! Chadi and Nico breathing the smoke !!


Chadi falling asleep Erwan Nico, still blowing ... Zab, blowing too ! Erwan, not yet discouraged Zab singing Our final fire: doesn't it look great ?



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