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Monday March 01st, 2021

Welcome to the United States

     I studied in the US from August 1999 till June 2000 at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. During those 10 months, I lived on campus but I went out to travel for thanksgiving and spring breaks. My first trip was a short one, about 10 miles from Blacksburg :-) : Mountain Lake (Dirty Dancing). Then, with my friends Angie and Fred, I went first to Florida and later to New Orleans. Another best time during this year was Halloween 1999 and the pumpkin carving contest ! It was the first time for me and that was really, really funny and .. painfull !! Do not miss it !

     At the end of spring semester, I did a really nice trip from Montreal to New York, stopping by Atlantic City and Ithaca (Cornell University) !!

What do you want to see first ?

Virginia Tech Campus
Mountain Lake
Some postcard photos from Virginia
Halloween 1999
Mischa's concert
Thanksgiving 1999
Trip to Florida
A weekend at Washington, DC
From Montreal to New York: Ithaca, Washington, Atlantic City
New York


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