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Wednesday September 18th, 2019


Melman at the zoo

Sunday 25 June 2006 at 10:17:58

Last sunday, Melman, Angie and myself went to the Vienna zoo, the oldest zoo in Europe (the animals are so old that some of them became invisible, dust ?? ;-) ). I must say I was deceived by this zoo that I expected in a better shape (Gunther always goes there to play with the koalas ! There are just two of them and they don't even make the effort of looking at you ! pff). I guess the best I've ever seen up to now is the Bronx Zoo in NY. I was told that the San Diego Zoo is also great (in Madagascar, Alex mentions that they have an Ice Skating Dolphin, no idea if this is true ;-) ), but I managed not to go there while beeing in San Diego ! Pfff ! I'll have to go back there to visit the zoo and finally finish my tequilas to appear on the Wall of Fame of Fred's Mexican restaurant ;-) .. some day ;-)

Anyway, at the entrance of the zoo, Melman insisted to have his face immortalise with a photo of him together with the picture of his girlfriend.

Then, he insisted to see all his friends: Gloria, Alex and Marty !

Melman having an intense discussion with a little child, Alex in the background

Alex, enjoying the sun ;-)

Gloria, having fun in her bath ;-)

Marty, still upset after Alex tried to bite him in the ass ... Poor Melman, his friend did not even want to chat with him :-(

But of course, we then had a small detour towards the famous koalas of Gunther ... But as I said, they were not very entertaining (no need to speak about the second one who did not move at all !)

And then, the invisible giant pandas, Angie's favorite animal ;-) ... Hum, well, as we did not see any of them, we had to adapt the photo ;-)

And finally before leaving, Melman spent some time making photos of his girlfriend Melwoman ;-)

Ah, looooove ;-)

Isn't she beautiful ?

Oh well, and I forgot that Melman made new friends: the pinguins ! When he showed up, Kovalski immediately came to say hello, followed by Rico, Skipper and Private of course ;-)

Kovalski, leading the operations ...

The full team ;-)

We also went for a short visit to King Julian, but he did not allow us to publish his picture ;-)

Eveine Monday 26 June 2006 at 13:50:09
Bon, je mets un comment pour faire plaisir à Caro, sinon elle va dire que je fais la gueule, n'empeche c'est encore fucking bastard de post en anglais ... mais bon, je vais pas raller quand même :) ! Mais en même temps, vu qu'en ce moment je regarde deadwood pour améliorer mon anglais, elle devrait etre contente que je n'utilise pas les nouveaux mots que j'ai appris ;)

Sinon, melman a eu droit à une pastille à la menthe pour sa sortie au Zoo ??

Le petit garçon a l'air d'avoir très envie de se jeter sur Melman ;) Il lui faudrait Alex pour le protéger la prochaine fois ;)
Zabador Monday 26 June 2006 at 13:57:11
Oui, bah le petit garcon A sauté sur Melman ! Résultat, Melman se retrouve avec deux tâches noires additionnelles, j'ai cru qu'il n'allait pas s'en remettre ! (Il a fallu repasser un scanner et un IRM, ch'te jure !). Sinon, oui, plus de sortie au zoo sans Alex ... qui ne saurait tarder à s'échapper du zoo (dans une trentaine de jours ;-) ). Et non, il n'a pas eu de pastille de menthe, Angie a eu un magnum à la place ;-)
Eveine Monday 26 June 2006 at 14:24:59
Sans blague, le p'tit garcon a saute sur Melman :) Tu m'etonnes te promener au zoo avec une girafe :))) [A ton age, comme dirait ta reum :p]
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