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Wednesday September 18th, 2019



Monday 10 July 2006 at 11:47:56

EPISODE 2: A Dog's Life

After Clair's friends did carry the dog back to the fire and Clair had one more beer and stopped crying, she began to realize that Artus did not come back to the camp yet. Then, she remembered about the screaming ... She asked her friends why they were in the dark, so far from the fire when she found them !? They all looked at each other, not knowing what to answer. As usual, Nina gave it a try and spoke first: "We heard someone screaming" ... to what Charlig replied "No, YOU heard someone screaming, I did not hear anything !". Then Nina explained that as Paola went for a walk with the dog in the direction of the screaming, it must have been her having a problem. Charlig said again that he did not hear anything, so as Filiz who added that when Nina began to run like a mad thing, he did not even bother to follow her ...

Clair then turned towards Paola. She obviously did not speak yet, and was the last one who had seen the dog alive. Clair asked her if she was the one screaming, maybe while killing the dog ? And Paola turned completely white. She was scared to death ! She managed to say that she had heard the screaming too but that it came from the firecamp, and that is the reason why she set the dog free so that they could run back as quick as possible. And while running, she did run into Nina, who was running in the opposite direction. Everyone was now puzzled. If Paola did not kill the dog, who did, and why ? And also, why did everybody hear the screaming in different directions ? And who screamed ?

Then, it was Filiz who broke the ice and raised the question: where are Nikolaz and Artus !?? Clair explained that Artus was with her when she began to run towards the screaming, and that she lost him in the meantime. Then Nina completed with a very reassuring: "What, Nikolaz was not with you guys !?? He went looking for you at least half an hour ago !". Well, obviously, he did not find Clair !

Her beer finished, Clair decided she should go back where she was to find Artus, and maybe someone else should try to find Nikolaz. Paola was so scared that she did not want to move, she also did not want to stay alone. Filiz then proposed to stay with her and take care of the fire. Charlig thus proposed to go a bit apart the fire and burry the dog in the meantime, but Clair objected saying it was too long to explain why now, but she would take care of the dog later. Charlig thus decided to stay with Filiz and Paola to take a nap. Finally, it was Nina who accepted to go and look for Nikolaz, not very happy though ! As Clair left Artus somewhere to the left of the firecamp and Nikolaz never managed to find them, she suggested to Nina to go towards the right. They thus went together to the shore and then separated. They agreed to meet again in half an hour at the firecamp, with or without the boys ...

After a few minutes walk, Nina saw some kind of light in the water. She first told herself she should stop drinking, but then, she had the strange feeling the light was moving in a mysterious way. She came closer to the water and began to enter it. When she was half into the water, she heard someone saying her name in her back !

NEXT EPISODE: Monday 17th of July, 2:00 pm

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