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Thursday September 19th, 2019



Wednesday 26 July 2006 at 9:47:29

EPISODE 4: Deep Into the Water

Half a second later, the boys caught the naked guy, attached him with a piece of string (Nina always had something useful with her) and the grils began searching his pockets. Clair was searching the right side while Nina was searching the left side. Clair felt something weird, a bit warm, and soft as well. When she retrieved the thing from the pocket and had a looked at it, she couldn't help helself from screaming: it was a finger ! As Paola was the only one missing Clair began to panic and slaped the naked guy while asking him questions. He did not say a word. After a few minutes of violence, they all began to wonder if the guy could speak at all ! Anyway, they had to find Paola, or her body at least !

They separated to begin the search. As usual, Filiz did not want to move and proposed to watch the naked guy and the fire. Thus Charlig, Nina, Clair and Nikolaz took the four cardinal directions and decided to meet again in one hour at most. As Clair was still thinking Paola could have gone to the Menhir, she went rather inland. Nina and Charlig on the other hand began to walk along the beaches. Nikolaz wasn't sure in which direction he was walking, but he soon left the beach to enter a grass area. After a 10 minutes walk, he saw something next to a little hill. He wasn't sure though 'cause a dense fog was covering the area.

As Clair knew perfectly the way to go to the Menhir, it did not take her long to arrive there, even with the fog. She had her visual indices a bit everywhere: a stone to the left, a little hill to the right. Before she went to the Menhir itself, she stopped by the Stone of Fluids: the dog was lying there ! So Clair thought she was right, Paola probably tried to give life back to the dog: obviously, the did not succeed. But where was she ? why wasn't she here anymore ? Clair decided to continue to the Menhir. However, there was only one way to reach it: walk straight on from the Stone of Fluids through the water. The lake was too deep otherwise. In addition, a legend said that whoever touches the water in any other place gets absorbed by the water. Even if she never saw that happening, she never tried it either. When she arrived at the Menhir, she did not find Paola. Either, she found Artus, inanimated and completely wet !

Nikolaz soon arrived at the bottom of the little hill. He was right, something moving was here, or rather someone. It was Paola. She had tape on the mouth and her legs and hands attached. Nikolaz first removed the tape. Paola then told: "I'm so happy you're here ! Remove the cords and let's go !" But first Nikolaz turned Paola around to see her hands: she had all of her fingers ! Nikolaz then got enraged: "Why did you lie ? Why did you said someone caught you and cut your finger ?! Let's repair that !". Now Paola was into panic ! She never heard Nikolaz speaking like that ! She never saw Nikolaz angry although she had known him for many years ! Nikolaz put the tape back on the mouth of Paola and took a knife out of his pocket and cut a finger out of her ! She was screaming but nobody could hear her. Then he added: "You'll pay for it !". And in his rage he began to cut her face, and finally killed her with the knife in the chest ! She died rather soon ... As he was too weak to carry the body very far, he just dragged her into the bush next to him, and cut another finger. He put the first one in his pocket and kept the second one in his hands and began to walk back towards the beach.

As he was arriving close to the fire, he realized he had blood on his arms. He thus made a small detour to the sea border and washed them. He then went to the firecamp. When he arrived, Filiz was still here, Nina was back. He walked towards them, began to turn white and as he was realizing he was carrying Paola's finger, he told the other ones: "Look at what I've found: another finger !" Nina asked him where he had found that. He answered: "Next to the blockhaus, on the beach over there ! But I did not find any body !". Nina and Filiz were stunned ! They had to go back there and search better ! They tried to question the naked guy first, but he still did not want to speak. So Nina told to Filiz to come with her and they let Nikolaz at the firecamp, with the naked guy ...

When they had left, the naked guy talked for the first time, wearing a big smile: "So, you found my present ?" ...

NEXT EPISODE: Monday 31th of July, 6:00 pm

Zabador Wednesday 26 July 2006 at 21:16:51
The lack of sleep make me right non sense ! I hope my foreword in the posters proceedings is more consistent ;-) So ... Errata: let's say they tried to search in the ears 'cause they needed to search somewhere for the sake of the story ... and they found a finger ;-) lol lol Sorry about that ;-) lol lol
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