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Thursday September 19th, 2019


Sand in my shoes

Wednesday 04 October 2006 at 20:57:45

Ok, I admit, I stole the title ;-) So well, I am back in Vienna, a lot less exotic than Seattle and around ... But thankfully ( ;-) ), I leave on saturday already ;-) Lots of things to do in the meantime though (a final (maybe the real one this time) version for a journal paper, the expenses of SCA, a proposal and a presentation for Madrid !) -- that is, in addition to the stuff I am payed for, ie Crossmod project ! pfff... But I do not go online tonight, 'cause I do not feel like working too much. I had not much sleep (actually, it was hard in the afternoon, i am fine now, as it is almost noon in my timezone ;-) ) and I rather answer my emails and put my new photos online ;-)

Ah ah, my computer playing with me ... Feel Good Inc. playing ;-) ...

Hum also I am invited by my neighbor for some wine, but I guess I'll stay home and propose her to do that tomorrow instead ...

Prolly you want to know more about the trip, so I'll tell a bit more ;-). First day in Seattle, I para-sailed (as you've already seen) and then went into the Seattle underground exhibition. In short (not like the guide who took 1,5 hours to tell us that), Seattle was constructed too low near the sea level and had constant problems of flood or rather evacuation for all kind of used waters. So well, the solution they found was to build new roads on top of the old ones (a few meters) and then, they ended up building new sidewalks ... and the first floor of the existing buildings disappeared underground. Still there nowadays, with rats, but we did not see any. Quite interesting to walk on the old sidewalks, now under the city ;-)

Day 2, we mainly travelled to Forks, a little city on the olympic peninsula. We had a goooooood dinner (a real steak !! ahah) with some californian (ah ah ) wine ;-)

Day 3 was the beach day. We spent hours watching seals, and I took a number of pictures with one pixel size seal's heads ;-) lol I'm still not sure I will dare showing those pictures ;-). Hum, so this was on Beach 1. Then we took a little trail (1.3 miles or kms, don't remember) to get to beach 3: awesome ! At this point, you're a bit sad when you don't have a sleeping bag to stay at the campfire other people were preparing ;-). Anyway, as the sun was going down behing a huge rock, we went back to beach 1 for the sunset, sun also behind a big rock ! lol. But at least, we could enjoy the fog ;-)

On day 4, we switched beach for greenery and went to the Rain Forest (it rains there more than anywhere else, but we did not see a single drop of water during the whole week, amusing ! No kayak on the Hoh River as the water level was too low, but a nice walk into the river bank and lots of HUGE trees !!! (I know, you want to see the photos, I'm working on it ;-) ).

Day 5 was the last day ! We drove back to Port Angeles where we rented kayaks to go on the sea. We were almost in Canada at that point ;-) Quite cold water, but awesome harbor seals (and no, they do not stink ! pfff). One of the seals liked me a lot and began to follow me, it was really funny ! For those photos, you have to pray and wait for me to go to the photo lab as I used a water-proof cheap camera ;-). After that, I drove to the ferry and we took the ferry back to Seattle: a bit chilly, but a nice ride and a wonderful view on the city (and crappy photos as the ferry shakes ! pffff !).

And well, here am I, back in Vienna ... after a 24 hours trip and 9 hours time difference !! And of course, I suffer some jet lag, that is, no way I can go to sleep right now !! ahahahahha ... ok ok, I'd better take care of the photos, but my couch is sooooooo comfortable ;-)

Angie Thursday 05 October 2006 at 0:54:30 much for the beach then. Don't expect me to tak eyou on long walks around the London beach..they cleaned it up, it's a parking lot summer maybe? So How do the seal sounds like? euh un seal c'est un phoque???? vois juste Bibi Phoque dans ma tete la et le generique du dessin anime..hihihi
Zabador Thursday 05 October 2006 at 2:52:09
Bon bah apres renseignements pris aupres de l'expert en Bibifocs (oui ca s'écrit comme ca) il se trouve que oui, seal, c bien phoque en francais (et cela nous diminue du doute de moi et Eveine en Irlande, sauf que en fait, du coup, c t pas des phoques qu'on avait vu sans doute ! AHAH LOL)

Oh Peggy Gordon, you are ....

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