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Thursday September 19th, 2019


Pump it up

Sunday 15 October 2006 at 13:06:01

Geeky, geeky, I know ... but more geeky than myself, there is Angie ... or rather addicted to inflatable plastic stuff ;-) lol ... Now get my title ?? lol ... ok, but you're wrong (I already see Brucenico or Stupidname with the tongue out of the mouth, doggy style ;-) ... hum, whatever, let's go back to the main subject !

Actually, before going back to the main subject, I wanted to mention that I did not forget to write about Zaragoza, Madrid or London. I just did not have time yet ;-)

A few years ago, back to 1999, Angie came to my room, all excited ! She had bought a couch and a couch table ... hum ... I was curious about the thing, and when I got to see it, I discoved it was an INFLATING couch (actually, called couch but the size of an armchair for Lilliput people) and and inflating round thing that could serve as a sitting device, or a table. Hum, I'm not sure what face I made when I saw that, buut I surely told her this thing would not last a week with the weird carpet and the weight of any normal human beeing who would sit in there.

I'm not quite sure, but I think that not even a day later, the couch was all desinflating ... hum ... So we decided to find the whole (in a transparent white thing, not easy !). Then I came with my great technique to repair bike tires and we went into the bathroom, filled the bathtub with water, and immerged the couch ! lol. Then, it began to be really funny ! We spent at least one or two hours looking for the mysterious hole, everybody in the dorm asking us what we were doing. Us laughing each time we were trying to explain.... After bathing for quite long (we were all wet and still did not find the hole !!), we gave up and eventually declared the couch DEAD ! lol

This would have been the end of a dream for any normal human beeing ... not for the plastic addicted Angie ;-) A week later, she came to my room again, to tell me she had bought a big armchair this time, transparent blue, but still in plastic ! lol. I could not stop laughing at her. Then, the thing arrived, we inflated it, and I guess it lived a bit longer that the other one ... But this is still not the end of the story !

Last friday night, I arrived to London ! Angie had a big surprise for me: my own inflating mattress for the night !! lol lol ... But unlike the one I had in Vienna (hum, I'll pass on the self-inflating mattress which never inflated, even with help ! LOL), this one had a "built-in pump". Hum, quite strange I must say. We unfolded the mattress and began to read the instructions. We could not find the pump. Then, after looking at the notice and the different holes of the thing, we eventually concluded there was only one possibility. So Angie began to "pump" with her foot. But nothing happened. We had in total two holes, the possibility to pump on one, and to close or open the pumping hole or the additional hole. So we began to try all the possible combination. Like if the second hole is open, how can the air stay in ? But if it is closed and the second one covered, where does the air come from to fill in the mattress ?? So many questions, too few answers !

Of course, as she was pumping and nothing, absolutely nothing was happening, I continued reading the notice. Up the the step 3: repeat two (which is "pump once") until the mattress is sufficiently inflated. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER INFLATE THE MATTRESS" ! That was too much for us, we began rolling on the floor laughing and finally gave up to go to bed (the normal one ! lol) and could not sleep for at least one hour, just laughing ... and remembering the transparent couch experience as well ;-) lol Yesterday, we watched a movie instead of trying to inflate the mattress (I think it should be possible with the hair dryer, maybe for tonight ;-) lol ). So the real question that remains: will Angie ever stop buying plastic inflating devices ;-) ? LOL LOL LOL (I hope not, it's sooooo funny ;-) aie aie, pas taper ! lol).

stupidname Sunday 15 October 2006 at 13:24:37
You have to be a bit worried about what other plastic inflating things she might have. For example:
Zabador Sunday 15 October 2006 at 13:34:30
Ahahaha, pauvre gars ! mdr mdr mdr
Eveine Sunday 15 October 2006 at 13:38:57
mdr la video !!!! arf :)
Angie Sunday 15 October 2006 at 13:49:52
OK, I like plastic inflatable stuff coz it saves room. Given the amount of junk I get, it's best if they have spacesaving properties!! GRRRRRRRRR...ok, on va le gonfler ce soir ce truc...
Zabador Monday 16 October 2006 at 15:22:36
I just wanted to add that we DID manage to inflate the mattress, but it is somehow self-deflating ;-) ahahah ... Angie's turn to try it tonight (or I will lose my back ;-) )
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