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Monday July 13th, 2020


Heart of the Ocean

Monday 10 September 2007 at 10:42:32

EPISODE 3: The Sexy Dance

While alone at the campfire, Marie heard someone calling some name. The sound was unclear but for sure it was a man’s voice and it came from the ocean. It was probably David who was drunk and lost. She left everything at the campfire and went to the shore … She was still hearing the voice, but it was moving in the wrong direction. David must have been really lost and really drunk to not see the fire! She continued in the voice direction. Suddenly, she saw some funny lights in the sea. Probably a joke from her friends again…. Or maybe not… She began to be really scared. Where did this light come from?

When she came closer to the lights, she sort of became addicted to them. Nothing mattered anymore, she was attracted there. She thus began to enter the water and started walking towards the lights. She was going deeper and deeper. She already had water up to the neck but it did not matter, she had to go further and further. The following instant, she was stuck. She could not move forward anymore. Then she began to move backwards, she was not controlling her movement, the lights were going further and further. But she needed to catch them…

Once dragged to the shore, Clair slapped her daughter at least ten times in the face. She was looking far away like in nowhere, had stopped breathing when her mother had begun to drag her out of the water. Bruce was next to them, apologizing with confusion. Clair told him to stop, it would not help to panic and be crazy right now, and it was not his fault anyways. She slapped her daughter once more! This time, she came back to reality and started breathing again. She was now safe. She asked her mother what happened, and then, before even waiting for an answer, began to yell at her for being here in the first place. It was Bruce who reasoned her:
- Shut up, your mother saved your life. You had disappeared when I came back to the campfire with some wood. I read the card. The murderer is probably Jonathan’s wife !
- Probably not! interrupted Clair. Tell me what you saw in the water ?
- Nothing, answered Mary on a dry tone.
- Well, let’s go back to the fire, I have a story to tell you. It’s about time that you know why I always forbid you to go to the beach at night …

The three of them sat around the fire, and Clair told the story to Marie. She explained how they had first heard screaming, how her boyfriend Arthus had drowned into the lake, how her friend Nikolaz had gone crazy and killed Paola with that strange naked guy. She finally told her about where they found her, next to that blockhaus with her dead mother inside. When Marie realized what her mother had just told her, she had more than one question spinning in her head. But she only said:
- Like Jonathan…
- But who is that Jonathan you keep talking about? Did he come with you at the beach tonight? Asked Clair, worried.
- Jonathan was my boyfriend. We found him dead in the blockhaus when we arrived this evening.
Marie showed the dead body to her mother and explained the whole story. Clair concluded that it wasn’t a coincidence and asked Marie once again why she went into the water. Marie told her she had heard screaming (but a man’s voice) and that she then had seen some lights. She could not remember what happened next.

Clair told the two young people they had to go home, the party was over. It was only then that Bruce told Clair they were not only the two of them, they had other friends around and one of them named David had disappeared. He did not have time to finish his sentence that Mandy and Allison were back, totally wet! They looked hot and sexy in their white wet shirts, but Bruce did not get disturbed. Maybe he really was gay after all. He asked them where Kanuto was. They were mostly incoherent in what they were saying, but said something like they were looking for the car, could not find it. They then realized the car was under water as it was low tide when they arrived a couple of hours earlier. Bruce interrupted them:
- What, my car is under water!!?? Shit, fuck!
- Well, is doesn’t matter right now, continued Allison. The problem is that we swum to the car, and David’s jacket was still in there. Here it is, she said while giving the ruined cachemire jacket to Bruce. When we came back to the shore, you dear fucking boyfriend who did not want to get wet had disappeared! He did not wait for us! What a bastard!
- Calm down everyone, said Clair. If I understand correctly, you have one David guy who disappeared and another one who ran away?
- Yes, said Mandy, this Kanuto bastard ran away! A total wus!

Even though Bruce tried to convinced the girls it was not a normal behavior of Kanuto, something must have happened to him, nobody was listening to him. Clair then told them all they should go home, but Marie objected. She had put her friends to danger, she had to save them now. Bruce and Allison wanted to stay to find their respective boyfriends too, and Mandy did not want to leave alone. Clair thus told them they should avoid water, especially the girls. She was not sure of what was going on, but she could remember her boyfriend Arthus killed by Nolwenn the ghost. What if the ghost of Yann was still here? It was not mentioned in the legend, but maybe … Of course, she kept her ghosts stories for herself, she did not want to appear crazy to the kids who were convinced that the murderer was Jonathan’s wife and that David probably got lost while going to the flooded car. Kanuto was probably home now.

They however needed to find David. If the killer was Jonathan’s wife, she was either far away from here, or only looking for Marie to kill her. Clair thus decided to form two groups. Only one of the groups could leave the campfire at a time. This should prevent them from the troubles she had to face when the similar situation happened to her in the past. She thus went with her daughter Marie to look for David as they knew the area better, while she left Bruce, Allison and Mandy at the fire.

A few minutes after Clair and Marie took off, Kanuto finally made it back to the campfire. He was topless, showing nice and sweaty muscles. The girls were amused, even Allison who completely forgot about her David. His muscles were so perfectly sculpted, his skin appeared so soft with his breast shaved that the girls soon were all crazy about that hot body. Kanuto was pleased to see the reaction of the girls. His thus began to whistle and dance around the fire, each of his movement discovering the new shape of a muscle. He then began to unbutton his pants while performing a sexy hot dance. He was dancing around the girls, but around Bruce as well. Soon, Bruce got amused and hot too. He started to dance with Kanuto and removed his shirt too. The girls were extremely surprised, in a good way, to see muscles in an even better shape that the ones of Kanuto. He looked so strong, so powerful. And his tan was only improving the effect created by the fire lightening the little drops of sweat running all over his chest … TO BE CONTINUED ! muahaha …

NEXT EPISODE: next monday ...

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