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Thursday September 19th, 2019


A week in Dublin

Saturday 12 July 2008 at 14:45:45

I haven't been able to write too much as the hotel room I booked was supposed to have Internet... but it turned out it did not even have a phone ! I complained and got 150 euros back yesterday morning...

On the first night, I went to a pub to have dinner. Then, I stayed a little longer because they had a live band playing... actually, just a guy. He played and sang Irish songs. That was quite nice. Then, he sang the Irish Alleluia song. I recorded it (but we don't hear it well), thinking of Emily ;-) It's been nearly a year ... I also met two nice Scottish girls in the pub. We finally hung out all night visiting different pubs until I felt really tired around maybe 1 am... Damn, I'm getting old !

On the next day, I did some sightseeing and went mostly shopping. I bought two new pants and some gifts for family. In the evening, the conference was starting by the registration in a very nice pub. I met old friends and we talked until not so late, we had to be at the conference the next day at 9am.

Not much to say about the conference. I was maybe a little deceived by the content with was reduced to stick figure animation, fluids and collision detection. I need to publish there next year ;-). The first social event was a poster wine and cheese party ... but with Italian food instead ! lol. This was followed by a pub quizz. My team ended up fourth which is MUUUUCH better than 3 years ago. Thanks to my team players, because I did not really improve ;-) lol

The following evening was the conference social dinner, in the (not the real one) highest pub of Ireland in Dublin mountains. I have actually been in the real highest pub of Ireland three year ago and they were quite upset by this other one who was also claiming the title. However, they do not insist too much, they know it's not true ! lol. We had lamb there and a live band too. Thanks to our friend Brennan who knew all the songs by heart. If only he had gone on stage ;-) ! lol lol. This was followed by a performance by traditional Irish dancers. We could not dance however, not enough room ... snifff...

After that, we went to a pub downtown Dublin and stayed up pretty late... the next day was thus pretty short.

In the evening, we went to a 5 Michelin stars restaurant named Rhodes. The food was excellent, the dinner was really nice and enjoyable. I had crab as starters and then a steack of course. Yummy !

On the following day, it was raining quite a bit. So it was mostly shopping, reading, sleeping until the evening. We went to see the play The Weir by Conor McPherson in Gate Theater.

The plot was in an old Irish pub in the middle of nowhere, before the summer season begins and the Germans arrive in town. One of the usuals brought a younger girl from Dublin city so they told her local stories, ghost stories.... they did not know she had one on her own ;-) It was mostly funny, although I missed a few jokes, snifff... The actors played really well. After that, we had dinner in a *not as good as the day before* restaurant.

Finally on the last day yesterday, everyone had left. I checked out around 12 and then went for a bit of shopping. But only a bit as I was carrying a computer. I stopped in the bar where I had my very first Irish food three years ago, and I was very happy that they had a wireless connection ! I could finally check my emails. Then I got on the bus to the airport and waited long as most of the flights were delayed (air controller's strike I think). I arrived very late at home and went almost directly to bed ;-)

Oliv\' Saturday 12 July 2008 at 15:01:36
Le programme de la semaine à l\'air d\'avoir été bien sympa :) par contre les étoiles michelin s\'arrêtent a 3 :$ Doit être un peu dur le retour en espagne après tout ça ...
Zabador Saturday 12 July 2008 at 15:30:55
Ben sur leur site, ils disent ca: Welcome to rhodesD7, Gary Rhodes' first Irish restaurant venture. Situated in Dublin 7, our 250-cover venue offers Gary's unique style of European cuisine for which he has won 5 Michelin Stars.
Oliv' Saturday 12 July 2008 at 15:39:29
Ok dans ce cas c le chef qui a 5 étoiles réparties sur plusieurs restaurants.
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