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Wednesday September 18th, 2019



Lundi 17 Juillet 2006 à 14:23:20

EPISODE 3: An Unexpected Kiss

How surprised was Nina when she turned around and saw a tall thin black silouette ! She first was scared but then realized it was simply Nikolaz ! She began yelling at him: "Niko, you scared me ! Are you crazy !? We've been looking for you for half an hour ! And Clair's dog has been murdered ! Where the hell were you ???". To what Nikolaz quietly replied: "I know, I killed him !". Now, Nina was scared for real ! She asked him why he would do that, and he told her he was in love with her ! This did not make any sense. Nina answered him: "No, you're in love with Clair, not with me !" and he said "Now, I'm in love with you ". He then came towards Nina and entered the water. She was so suprised and scared that she did not speak or move. He arrived by her side, took her in his arms, very tight, and kissed her !

Before she had time to kick his ass, she saw another silouette on the beach. She told it to Nikolaz who turned around immediatly. The guy did not look like anything they knew, but he was definitely naked ! He stared at them for a few minutes, and then walked away. Nina grabbed Nikolaz and draggeg him back to the fire. They had to tell the others about the weird naked guy as soon as possible ! But when they arrived at the firecamp, nobody was here anymore! Even the dead dog had disappeared ! They did not have much time to wonder what happened as Clair was already returning from her search! The 30 minutes were already over and she was coming back alone !

After walking for a while, completely straight on, Artus arrived at the lake again ! He could not believe it ! It'd been 3 times already he was arriving to the same lake at the same place ! This lake was strange. A huge stone was standing up in the middle as if the lake was really not deep. But when he tried to touch the ground under the water with a stick, even near the border, Artus could not reach it ! Desperate, he sat on the lake's border ... He really did not know what to do, and, as a really thick fog was now here, he thought he would better wait for the sun to raise, without moving any further. Suddenly, he heard some noise coming from the water and soon, saw some funny lights in the water. Yes, this lake had something eerie in it. The little lights were moving towards him. As they were coming closer, they became brighter. They then stopped right in front of him, it was like they were looking at him. Suddently, they came out of the water and began to assemble in a shape: the most beautiful lady he had ever seen was coming out of the lake ! It was like a dream, but he was for sure awake ! Without speaking, the blinking beautiful lady gave him her hand. He grabbed it and followed her and entered the incredibly deep lake ...

The first question Clair had for Nikolaz was if he'd heard someone screaming earlier. Of course, again, the answer was no ! Clair did not know what to think and Nina did not know what to tell ! She had to tell Clair that Nikolaz killed the dog, but it would not help to find the missing people. Besides, she was still haunted by the thought of the earlier kiss. Why did Nikolaz tell her that ? And why was she so troubled !? She thus decided not to tell anything. A few minutes later, Filiz and Charlig came back ... They explained that they somehow fell asleep, and when they woke up, Paola had disappeared ! As the dog was not here anymore, Clair suggested that Paola probably took the dog to the Menhir, to try to make his spirit come back, as she was partly responsible for his death. Charlig said that this must have been the case, but Filiz added that when they left to look for Paola, the dog was still here ! Moreover, Paola was so scared she would never have left the firecamp on her own and the dog was so fat, she could never have transported him on her own as well !

It was then Nikolaz who told about the weird naked guy. Maybe he kidnapped Paola and/or the dog ? Nina added it would have been crazy to kidnapp a dead dog, but she admitted it was possible the guy had attracted Paola away from the fire and kidnapped her while the other ones were asleep. Clair added that maybe, she left the firecamp on her own because she heard screaming again, and that then, the naked guy took her. While saying this last sentence, they all realized the naked guy was here, staring at them ! His hands were all covered with blood ...

NEXT EPISODE: Monday 24th of July, 12:00 pm

Ero Jeudi 20 Juillet 2006 à 17:54:48
Prem's ?
Les versions Anglaise ont vraiment du succes ...... HAHAHAHAhahahahaaaaa *rire démoniaque qui disparait dans la nuit*
Zabador Vendredi 21 Juillet 2006 à 8:11:16
Sors de la Freddy, ch't'ai reconnu ! Non mais !!!
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