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Sunday August 25th, 2019


He's back !

Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 14:59:41

I am sure you are all wondering who I am talking about ... Here is a hint: it is not the moon (Angie did not see it reappear yet), it is not the rabbit (I guess I am talking about the one on the moon, ask Angie for details) and it is not my contract (although, I wish I would hear from it today :D) ... But before I tell you, let me tell you about my weekend !

So after having this horrible week where my things broke down, I lost my flat, and so on ... I ended up last week catching some sort of a flu. Well, what we call in French "etat grippal", something between a cold and a flu. On Friday, I fight with myself to pull myself together and worked on this paper I want to submit. On Friday evening, I got some encouraging results but then had to leave because they were closing the doors of the university. I intended to come back on Sat of course. But on Sat morning, I could not get up. Everything was hurting. My skin was hurting, my back, all my muscles, my head ... I could not move in my bed without pain, this was horrible ! So I spent the whole day in my bed, plus the whole night following. More than 34 hours later, on Sun noon, I finally managed to get up, I was feeling better. Still not great, but better. I took a shower and went to work.

I was lucky (yes, lucky !!) when I arrived at the university 'cause the security agent was opening the door for someone else, so i did not have to call. I began to check my emails, then worked on my paper. Then, I got a text from Mica proposing a walk in a park. As the weather was too good to work, and I was still too sick to properly think, I decided to get the offer and left work quite early to go to Parque del retiro.

This park is really nice, although it looked more German than Spanish to me, but well ... In the middle, there is some water pool with boats (I guess we can play some sort of pocahontas game, although they do not seem to have kanus :D). Also a building made of windows that looks like a greenhouse, but no plants inside. Instead, some art exhibition, really really weird. Too bad I did not have my camera. Anyways, they should really consider putting plants inside :D

After that, I went home and slept again for an additional 12 hours or so. When I woke up this morning, I was feeling almost well. I even managed to be early at the university (around 11 am, or maybe even earlier !). Around 11:15am, I got a phone call. It took me 5 minutes to decode what the lady was telling me. I finally understood and left for Madrid. I came back with my laptop :D. So yessssss, my Macbook is back !!! I am soooo happy ! I am reinstalling him right now :D.

PS: Mica told me on Sun afternoon that there was a moon eclipse this weekend. Too bad, I missed it, I did not know. Anyway, I was too sick ! pffft

Eveine Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 15:32:28
Les choses s'arrangent pour toi et se dégradent pour moi, ça doit être une histoire de conservation de la masse critique des emmerdements :)
Anyway (arg, c'est contagieux !), contente que les choses aillent mieux, pas d'apt en vu ??
Zabador Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 16:42:38
Bah oui enfin, il serait temps que ca s'arrange tout de meme ! Pour ton histoire d'appart, je suis sure que tu t'inquietes pour rien. Ils n'ont aucune raison de resilier ton contrat. En plus tu les as appeles ...
Eveine Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 17:19:47
Je sais, je m'inquiète pour un rien, tu sais bien :)
Je viens de voir qu'il existe des coques pour les macbook pro, des rouges ou des transparentes :)
Zabador Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 17:29:45
LOL LOL LOL ... Mon Macbook vit tres bien sans coque ... par contre, je suis sure que Nico doit etre interesse :D ... Quoique, une coque, ca ne vaut pas une chaussette :D lol
Eveine Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 17:36:27
Ben, tu peux mettre le mac avec sa coque dans la chaussette ;)
A voté !!
Zabador Lundi 05 Mars 2007 à 17:48:34
C'est vrai, la coque n'empeche pas la chaussette ... Puree, c'est dur de repasser du clavier espagnol au clavier US ....
Donc tu preferes le texte en blanc ... c note ...
David Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 11:21:58
Escribiré en español para que practiques (y porque hoy estoy vago). hace tiempo hubo plantas dentro de la Casa de Cristal, la verdad es que no sé porqué las han retirado, probablemente para que no tengas que regarlas el guarda y para dejar más espacio cuando se hacen exposiciones allí. El jardín del Retiro y sus alrededores es uno de los lugares más tranquilos y bonitos de Madrid. Casa de Cristal
David Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 11:27:14
Some more photos... In this garden you can find the very only statue dedicated to Devil (the fallen angel) in the world, I'll let you to discover where it is.
Eveine Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 14:55:56
Alors, autant l'anglais, je veux bien, mais l'espagnol, là, je dis NON !
Il faut dire non aux posts et aux commentaires en espagnol ! Parce que moi, je comprends rien à l'espagnol !
Zabador Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 15:05:03
T'inquietes pas pour les posts en Espagnol, c'est pas demain que ca arrivera !
Eveine Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 15:50:59
Leur truc en verre, ca ressemble au grand palais non ? La fontaine et l'allée avec les statues, ça me rappelle Versailles... Pas vous ??
David Jeudi 08 Mars 2007 à 18:02:10
It's a bit that style, but Retiro is quite small in comparison, and the real palaces are Government buildings in the surrounding area. Actually, it's a small part of the ancient palace garden, where King manufactured porcelain (long long time ago). Porcelain was a secret, so it was protected by the army, and noboby -without the proper authoritation- could enter. Now, everybody can walk and play football on the grass :-) (I suppose French people is more respectul in Versailles gardens)
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