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Sunday August 25th, 2019


60% of pleasure

Mercredi 13 Juin 2007 à 20:07:05

I heard several and funny strange things while in Vienna. Some experiments have been done to study the effect of a kiss and of chocolate on the human brain. So they took people, made them kiss, measured some reactions in the brain. Then they asked them to eat a piece of chocolate and did the same measurements. The conclusion of the study is that you get the same pleasure from a kiss and a piece of chocolate. Hum, how disturbing !!?? Anyways, I prefer to give up chocolate ! lol Mind you, probably the best thing to do is to first eat a piece of chocolate and then kiss someone ! Maybe it doubles the pleasure :-)

I won't tell you about the hamburgers thing though ... lol

Yesterday evening, I went over to my friend Mimi and I had one of her friends coming at her place too. Her friend can read cards and brought a tarot cards game with her. It is the first time I do that, and it was quite strange what she could read from there. It seems like it is quite easy to read... you have to know what it means for the connection of the cards depending on where they are in the set. So in other words, card form groups and symmetries, so the idea is to give meaning to those cards that are in the same group and read a story. The girl did not know me at all, and it is funny how she could "read" some stuff about me. There is just one thing that looked to me as if it was the past, but she told me it had to be the future... So apparently, a girl is gonna put some mess at work, but the girl is also supposed to be a friend of mine. I really have no idea of who that could be. Then, she read another set of cards, and I only had "luck" and "money" cards. Not a single one negative ... apparently, I am gonna earn loads of money !!! Quite a good news :-) I dunno when though. And well, she said other things ... we will know in a few months I guess if this is really going to happen or not. It was very funny, and probably more than 60% delightful ! The food Mimi cooked was a 100% of pleasure though ! lol

Hum, now, it's time to explain the title a little bit more... Hope my friend Mimi will not mind, but as she did an erotic dream yesterday and not me, I am gonna talk about her dream ... She was with a boy (probably very cute and young ! lol) in her apartment, making out. They were having fun and were about to have sex. But just before they began, the boy felt like he should warn her that the sex would be ok, but only 60% of pleasure ! lol lol lol. So of course, in her dream, she got all upset, asking what this thing could possibly mean ? Like, does that mean it will be one of them coming only ?, or a 30% each ?, or a 40% and 20% (quite frustrating for the 40% and absolutely bad sex for the 20%) ... ? lol lol ... So if anyone have ever head about this concept, please comment. The funny thing is that she thought (like every one of us) that the concept was totally silly, but it's actually her subconscious that invented it :-)

Right now, I am in a plane back to Madrid .... The security guys at the airport first threw away my Mozart liquor (this made me very very angry, and very very upset !). I had forgotten about this silly thing about liquids and chocolate, but thought at some level that it was not a problem anymore for EU flights. Last time I flew, I took Orangina from Paris to Madrid ! So WTF !? ... I tried to talked to them, but they made me throw it. A few minutes later, my colleague Laura arrived, and she saw I was not happy. I told her the story, and she decided to not give up. she talked with the security, and talked ... Not sure what she said, but in the end, they accepted to give me my liquor back if I would put it in my backpack and the backpack with the checked-in luggage. So I took my computer out of the bag, opened the trash (yeurk !), took my bottles back (yeurk, yeurk ! ) and put them in the bag. Then Laura gave me a plastic bag to put my computer, keys, money ... and I took this one with me in the plane. This event was about -60% of pleasure ! grrrr ! lol

Angie Mercredi 13 Juin 2007 à 20:28:38
I am having -0% pleasure
Eveine Mercredi 13 Juin 2007 à 22:06:51
je viens de manger 2 glaces chocolat/menthe alors je suis a 100% de plaisir :)
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