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Thursday September 19th, 2019


Welcome to sunny Banff !

Jeudi 21 Juin 2007 à 23:12:10

Oh well, I know I arrived two days ago, but I guess I am running late on my blog :-) But let me tell you about my trip from Calgary to Banff... First of all, the plane was quite nice. A lot better than the one we had to cross the Atlantic. This one was more spacious and we had individual TVs and nice movies (and lots of them). The flight was almost 5 hours long, so I managed to watch two movies and the beginning of a third one. The first movie was Canadian, about a guy and his father who creates furniture. The family business is not good when a friend of the father comes back in town and wants to help. But the father doesn't really like him 'cause they slept with the same girl about 20 years ago, the night the son was conceived, muahahah ..

The second movie was "namesake", the history of an Indian women and how she leaves her country for the US to marry some Indian guy, her children, and the 25 first years of the life of her son ... Quite interesting movie.

I arrived in Calgary a little late, around 5pm. I got my suitcase back and then went to the rental car desk. I was signing the papers when someone arrived behind me and surprised me ! It was Mr Blob, he was here to rent a car too, with the same company (Mr Blob was the chair of the conference). As he had 6 people to carry to Banff and I had nobody, I told him I could take some of his folks. What a surprise when I discovered I knew most of those people, and the funny thing is that we all arrived from different places: Germany, Spain, Montral, Seattle and Victoria ! lol . So I took two of my friends in the car and we did the trip together.

On our way, we stopped to Canmore, because Mr Blob wanted to show us some houses he designed and constructed there ... Then we went to the conf center, registered, got our room and went to the welcome party. After that, we had a swimming pool party, really nice !

Yesterday was the first day of conference. It finished early so that we could go for a hike. We saw squirrels and wonderful landscapes. I took many pictures, but they are still in the camera. After this, we went to the conference dinner, and the food was simply awesome ! I am not sure I had anything that good ever before. Then we tried to organize a werewolves games, but it did not materialize. We went for a walk and a beer instead and then to bed.

This morning, I stayed until noon in bed, quite lazy I know. But as I have my talk tomorrow morning, it was my only possibility to get some rest. I am leaving tomorrow evening, I'll try to post some pictures before.

Angie Vendredi 22 Juin 2007 à 10:50:02
coool..ca a l'air tres tres joli comme ca. Mais bon j'ai hatr de voir ds photos de mr blob...j'espere que c un alias car mr blob ca fait un peu mr potatohead..
Eveine Dimanche 24 Juin 2007 à 19:35:25
Alex a-t-il trouvé gloria ??
Zabador Dimanche 24 Juin 2007 à 19:44:15
Non, il cherche toujours (de mon cote, g meme pas trouve le build-a-bear shop :'( ) ... mais j'ai deux amies canadiennes qui vont chercher pour moi (et aussi Marty :D ) lol
Eveine Jeudi 28 Juin 2007 à 16:00:33
He ho o o o o o o ... Ya quelqu'un in in in in in in ... On dirait pas a a a a a ... C'est tellement vide qu'il y a de l'écho o o o o o o ... Bon, je repasserais é é é é é é
Zabador Vendredi 29 Juin 2007 à 17:33:02
Ben je viens de debarquer en Espagne .. mon Internet a la maison ne marche PAS!!!! rhhhha ... Et je repars probablement demain :D Pfffiou !
Eveine Vendredi 29 Juin 2007 à 18:27:52
Hab en ! Au moins, tes valises n'ont pas le temps de prendre la poussière ;) bon voyage !
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