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Wednesday September 18th, 2019



Lundi 16 Juillet 2007 à 12:30:13

Previous episodes:
EPISODE 2: A Dog's Life
EPISODE 3: An Unexpected Kiss
EPISODE 4: Deep Into the Water

And now ...

EPISODE 5 (last episode): Nolwenn's revenge

Nina was finally far away from Nikolaz, alone with Filiz. She thought its was the right time to tell Filiz about the dog, as she did not believe the story of Nikolaz. Filiz was not really surprised as he always thought Nikolaz was weird anyway. He suggested they should tell the whole story to Clair as soon as possible, 'cause Nikolaz was obviously dangerous. As they arrived near the blockhaus, they were really surprised to see a little girl there, crying. She was about 5 years old. Nina came close to her, and asked for her name. She said: "I'm Marie." Nina continued: "Hi Marie, you seem a bit young to be alone here at night. Why are you crying?". "He killed my mother !". Nina was stuck! Who was she talking about?? She kindly and slowly asked: "Who killed your mother? Where is she ? ". Marie pointed towards inside the blockhaus. Before going there, Nina suggested they should take some fire with them to lighten the interior. She found a piece of wood and used the matches she had with her to put the fire on it. Then, she told Filiz to stay with the little girl (which was exactly what Filiz intended to do anyway), and went inside the blockhaus. She soon came back dragging a body: a young girl was dead, and she had a finger missing! Nina directly concluded it was Nikolaz who had done that, but Filiz told her to remember that the naked guy also came to the campfire with a finger. To what Nina answered: "well, Nikolaz lied anyway, 'cause this girl has only one finger missing! So either he took it from her, or he took it from someone else, but he for sure cut a finger from someone! and as the dead body is lying exactly where he indicated us, I bet he killed this poor girl !" Nina also added they had to go back to the campfire but they could not bring back the little girl with them, as she apparently had seen the murderer.

Filiz thus proposed to take the little girl with him and use Nikolaz's black scooter named Pegasus to go to some safer place. The only problem was that he wasn't sure where they were, as it was still dark and foggy. As it was already late, Nina told him the day would be here soon ... so he should stay at the blockhaus for a while and then, proceed as he suggested.

After trying to reanimate Artus, Clair gave up and went back to the Stone of Fluids. She began to invoke the spirits of the dead. More than ever she needed her dog to find her little sister Paola. Soon, the little lights appeared in the water and the spirit of a young woman came, in the form of an hologram. Clair began to negotiate with the ghost:
- Hi Nolwenn. I want you to reanimate my dog. What to you want me to give you for that ?
- I want Artus !
- What? Do you mean you're the one who flooded him??? But why?
- I'm not sure; I just thought he was mine...
- I cannot give you Artus, I love him. Or ... give me a good reason then!
- Then, I'm gonna explain you the whole story... It’s time...
Nolwenn began to tell her story, a very very long one! She explained to Clair how she ran away with Yann from her native village to hide in the forest. After several days of walking and hiding, they decided to go towards the ocean. There, they could safely begin a new life. It took them several weeks to reach the coast and build a little wooden house. One night, as they were cooking some fish on the beach, a naked guy came. As he was hungry, the young couple offered him food, clothes and a roof for the night. Once everyone was asleep, the naked guy attacked Yann and opened his throat on the shore. Then, he came back to rape Nolwenn and flooded her in the lake where her spirit is since then. This story began to freak Clair out as she thought of the naked guy they attached at the campfire!

Clair was shocked with this story but still did not quite understand why Nolwenn wanted Artus that much. Maybe it was not the right time to argue, but she gave it a try and asked Nolwenn again:
- Ok, but why Artus? You want to get some revenge?
- No, it’s just because he has the same deep blue eyes as Yann ... I want him to live here with me for eternity.... Artus is the only one who can replace Yann.
Clair had to choose between her new boyfriend and her dog. She finally decided to revive the dog. After all, she could find another boyfriend! Once the dog back to life, they both ran back to the beach.

In the meantime, Nina had decided to go search for Clair. As she earlier saw her going towards the menhir, she took the same direction. When she arrived near the lake, she saw again the little moving lights like she had seen in the ocean: was she still that drunk? Then she started to look around for Clair. She did not find her. Instead, she saw something in the water. With a branch, she managed to drag the body near to the border: it was Artus! Scared to death, she began to run as far as she could from the lake. While running, she saw some shadow that looked familiar. Yes, this shape was definitely familiar ... it looked like Paola! Nina was so happy to see her, she wanted to take her in her arms ... but her arms passed through the body! Then she looked a bit better and saw that Paola's face was greenish, her face lacerated and she had one finger missing! A little bit more scared, Nina started to scream again and ran away like crazy once more! The only person she could maybe now find was Charlig. He had disappeared for quite a while, but maybe he was still alive and back to the campfire....

Clair soon arrived at the campfire. Charlig was here alone. She asked him right away if she had seen the naked guy as it was very important to find him again! But when he came back to the camp, nobody was here. Charlig still was a bit surprised the dog was here and alive. Clair told him the whole story. They had to leave as soon as possible, but Clair did not want to leave without Paola and Charlig did not want to leave without Nina. Hopefully, Nina soon arrived at the fire, very happy for once to notice that only Charlig and Clair were here, that is, the good ones. She explained to the reduced group how they found the little girl and the dead mother, and how Filiz left to bring her back to some safe place. She also told about Nikolaz being probably the murderer. And then, well, she had to tell Clair about Paola, who became a living dead. As Clair did not want to leave Paola and the naked guy and Nikolaz were both murderers, Clair advised Charlig and Nina to leave together, and showed to them the direction to follow...

While they were disappearing in the fog, Clair went back in the lake direction, where Nina had seen Paola. She could still save her. It did not take her very long to fing her as she heard screaming, but a man's voice this time. When she arrived to the place she heard the screaming, she was quite happy to see Paola's ghost strangling the naked guy and tearing off fingers from Nikolaz! After all, they had deserved it ! Once her vengeance accomplished, Paola’s spirit went back to her corpse that fell on the ground, inanimate. Clair and the dog ran to her, and they transported her to the Stone of Fluids. Once more, Clair called Nolwenn. But she did not appear. Clair tried the whole process once more, but nothing happened. Close to the border of the lake, she saw Artus, dead, but smiling. She tried again to call the spirit of Nolwenn, but no, she did not show up. She thus went to the menhir in the middle of the lake, it was bleeding. That is when she understood Paola would never come back. The spirit of Nolwenn was finally resting in peace and had left the lake forever. Clair thus took the body of Paola, and went back home, followed by the dog...


When she arrived home, she had the finally good surprise that Charlig and Nina had found their way back, as Filiz and the little girl. The corpse of Paola was buried close to the sea while the one of Nikolaz was thrown to trash. The corpse of the naked guy was never found.
Nobody could forget this awful night. They could not live apart from each other anymore. Nina and Charlig decided to move to Paris together, while Filiz stayed with Clair in Brittany to raise the little girl in the traditions and legends of the country.

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