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Thursday September 19th, 2019


Heart of the Ocean

Lundi 30 Juillet 2007 à 1:42:48

The sequel of Menhir is finally here ! Enjoy !!! (and read the last year's series if you want to know the background)


Marie was happy. She was turning eighteen today! Finally a grown up, finally free. She could stop having to obey her mother’s silly orders. Since her father Filiz had died 5 years ago, she had been miserable. Her father had always been here for her, on her side, discouraging her crazy mother from her crazy ideas. For her birthday, Marie wanted to make a campfire on the beach. She had invited her friends already, and they were very excited by the idea. But when she told her plans to her mother, she began to yell at her, and forbid her from having her party at the beach. Of course, when Marie asked her for a good reason, she had none, as usual!

Marie had never understood why her father married her mother. They never spoke about it, but both of them were not exactly sparkling of love. She even always had this impression that her father was gay. She knew she would be different. She would settle for love, and only for love! Indeed, she had a secret lover already, and was sure he was The One. Nobody knew about her secret story. Surely not her mother! But she did not tell her best friend Mandy as well. She could not tell anybody actually: he was married with two kids! But it did not matter to her as she was in love with him, so was he. He told her he would come to her birthday, but not as an invited guest. He would just surprise the little group at the campfire later that night, so she would not have to explain anything to anybody. Anything including the age difference … 21 years although he had the spirit of a 20 years old boy.

Ignoring the fight with her mother, Marie went to the beach to prepare the campfire. She brought wood, matches, newspapers and some fireworks. She hid everything inside the blockhaus. Then she went back home to welcome her friends. Her best friends Mandy and Allison were the first ones to arrive. They live in the UK and took the same plane to Brittany. She met both of them in high school. Mandy was here for an exchange program while Allison moved to UK after she graduated last year. Allison brought her new young boyfriend with her. His name was David. He was cute, although seemed very young!

An hour later, her friends Bruce and Kanuto arrived by car. They live in the neighborhood. This is probably the reason why they are always late! The happy crowd decided to go to the beach by car. But before that, they had a few drinks to warm up. Also Marie wanted to wait for the dark so it would be more fun. After a few desperados, they drove to the shore. They were so drunk that Bruce even drove into the water a little bit. It was low tide, so he thought it would be fun to drive on the wet sand. After scaring all of the passengers, Bruce stopped and everybody got out and walked to the blockhouse. They just left the car where they were, keys in and the radio still on !

Once at the blockhaus, Marie told the guys what she had prepared. The only detail is that she had forgotten the flash lamp at home. She thus went inside, in the dark. She could not see anything, and the smell was atrocious. Funny that she did not notice that awful smell when she came earlier. She was trying to find the matches when she touched something wet and warm. Then, she heard a strange “wooooo”. It was enough for her to run outside screaming!

When she came out of the blockhaus, she saw all her friends laughing. They apparently were making fun of her. She did not care, it was not funny… She looked at her hands, she had something on it. This is about when Kanuto lightened a cigarette! Marie was so upset they were making fun of her like that, so upset she touched something weird in the dark, so upset that she started yelling at poor Kanuto. He did not fight with her and gave her some light with the matches. And here is was: blood on her hands!

Her friends began to take her seriously. Bruce and David decided to go look inside. They found a piece of wood and a piece of fabric and created some torch. They went inside and came back with a body. It was a men body, and Allison could only tell she did not know him. Mandy did not want to see the body. Marie then approached the corpse. She starting screaming and crying… She obviously knew the guy who was dead.

Next episode: Monday 6th of Aug 2007, dunno what time, just check :-)

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