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Wednesday September 18th, 2019


Heart of the Ocean

Lundi 03 Septembre 2007 à 12:09:01


EPISODE 2 : A Jealous Wife

Marie’s friends were concerned. She was not talking to them, just screaming and crying. They decided they should start the fire. It would give them some light, heat, and maybe she would calm down in the meantime. Using the torch, the three guys went inside the blockhouse to get the material and started a fire a little further on the beach. Meanwhile, Mandy and Allison were trying to calm Marie. After a bit, she finally stopped screaming. She was now just crying, very softly. She still would not speak.

It is Kanuto who decided to do something about it. He was older than the other ones, a lot older. He had been Bruce’s boyfriend for just a few months, but he had decided to leave his country and move in with him after just a few weeks they started dating. He convinced Bruce that he had never found such a passion. Bruce, on the other hand, was all new to sex, passion and love. So he had just decided to go for it. Because Kanuto was older, it seemed natural that he had more power, more logical sense and simply more impact on the young ones. He just told Marie, with a very strong and deep voice that she should stop screaming and she should tell them who the dead guy was. It was funny ‘cause there was a lot of carefulness in his voice.

Marie did not resist too long to Kanuto and confessed: “this is Jonathan, my boyfriend… He was supposed to meet with us here, a little later. Or maybe we are late, I dunno… I don’t understand”. Kanuto answered: “wow, he was a lot older than you!” To which Marie added: “So are you compared to Bruce, don’t you think so!?”. Before they fight some more, Bruce turned up and asked Kanuto to help him with the wood. The three girls went back to the campfire with them. When they reached the fire, they all realized that David had disappeared. They began to call his name, but nobody answered. What if the murderer was still here?

Marie was still shocked. Allison decided she should go find David but Mandy did not want her to go alone. She also did not want to leave Marie alone. Bruce finally decided he would stay with Marie while Kanuto should go with Allison and Mandy. They first thought that maybe David had wanted to go back to the car to pick up his jacket or something. They thus went to the shore and followed the water. After walking for half an hour, they eventually came to the conclusion that they screwed up somewhere as the car was not that far.

At the campfire, Marie was cold and she did not prepare enough wood for the fire to stay long. Bruce thus decided to go destroy some of the wooden barriers the authorities have put up the beach to prevent erosion. He explained to Marie where he was going and left the camp. Left alone, Marie decided to have a look at the body. She opened his shirt, and inside, she found a birthday card. She could read:

“If you still want me, I am your birthday present. Marie, will you marry me?”

She always knew he loved her. But wait… He was married already, this didn’t make any sense… Unless he had left his wife on the same day? Then maybe she was the one who killed him! She had to tell at least Mandy and Allison! And what if his bitchy wife wanted to kill her as well!? She was desperately hoping the others would be back soon.

Bruce finally found the wooden barrier and began to destroy it. When he came back to the fire, Marie had disappeared. He called her, but she did not answer. He saw the card next to the body and read it. He finally concluded the same as Marie, he had probably been killed by his jealous wife … which meant she was in danger!

NEXT EPISODE: probably next monday ... and I am working on the "more naked men, more muscles :-)"...

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