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Thursday September 19th, 2019



Vendredi 08 Février 2008 à 0:27:32

This afternoon, we had our "lab Xmas ski event" at the lab ... but instead of going skiing, we played paintball. The place was in the middle of nowhere, worse to find than my house :-). We had 300 balls each and were 10 players. We did one training game, 2 war games, one bodyguard game and one treasure hunt.

For the war game, we first were the team in the "rio", trying to defend our river while we were attacked by the other team. They did not managed to come too close, we killed 2 or 3 of them. We all stayed alive. Then, we exchanged. Our strategy was to send 4 people on one side together while I was crawling through the whole camp on the other side. I managed to get cactus in my pants, but also to come quite near to the river, at a place where they could not shoot me. I started shooting at them, they tried to shot me. Very quickly, both sides ran out of bullets, too bad actually as I was pretty proud of myself. I think 2 on our team got killed and nobody from the other one. Yeah, the river was easier to defend than to attack. I liked both those games very much.

Then, we played a different one on a flat field with bushes. In our team, we had a "president" and we were supposed to protect him. I managed to get quite far in the field, on the first rank but got killed. 2 on each side were "dead" when our president decided to run to the victory. I did not witness it (as I was dead then) but apparently, when he started to run, he got shot like crazy by the other ones, got surprised, slided in the mud and fell down ! lol So well, we were bad body guards after all as our president died ! lol

The last game was also in a flat field filled with bushes (great to hide :-) ). Both teams had a treasure to protect and we both intended to get the treasure of the other one (actually, a stupid cardboard box lol). We quickly lost one of us, I shot one of them dead but then ran out of bullets as well as another one of our team. I stole the bullets of my dead target but it wasn't enough so I left the field. One of our dead guys went back in as even if he was dead, he still had bullets and then, I am not sure who went back in nor why. Very confused. In the end, while most people were out, one of the others stole our treasure. And finally, all the ones still having bullets went back in and randomly shot at each other. That was a little short, but the bullets are quite expensive (30 euros for 300 paint bullets). And also, the guns have a weird shape due to the pressurized air and the bullet receptacle ... So not easy to hold, very tirering. After that, I had a huge pizza to refill my energy, and it took me a few hours to kick in :-)

Both our teams in uniforms and with guns. We were the yellow power. lol

Oliv Vendredi 08 Février 2008 à 15:23:39
Sniff pourquoi le ciel est pas aussi bleu ici ;( ciel bleu, paintball et pizza, beau programme ... surtout pour une journée de ski :D
Nico Mardi 12 Février 2008 à 19:15:21
Ceux qui ont gardé leur casque, ils ont honte, ou ils sont vilains ? Just kidding :0)
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