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Tuesday September 17th, 2019


Welcome to sunny Paris

Dimanche 04 Janvier 2009 à 12:35:24

A summary of the last few days ... I arrived in Paris on Mon. noon. My friend Rofan and her cousin joined me at the airport and we took a bus to our hotel. We then went for food and had a very nice long lunch ! After that, we walked to the Opera, the Wheel, the Champs Elysees and the Arch. In the evening, we went to the cinema to see "Burn After Reading". That was a fun and nice movie :p.

On Tue., it was raining at first. We tried to go to the Orsey museum, but the line was sooooo long under the rain that we went to a hairdresser instead. My friends could get the haircut of their dreams. When we left, it was snowing. We did a few pictures of Notre Dame and spent another hour in a cafe in front of the cathedral talking and enjoying the snow while being in a warm and cosy place.

We then walked the entire street to the Pompidou center and looked for the place we had in mind for new year's eve. We checked the place, and, as the owner was really nice and the place was also nice, we bought tickets for the following day. We then met Fred at his place and spent the evening chatting.

On New Year's Eve we mainly slept to be fit for the evening. Then Chloe went to the Eiffel Tower with her friends while the rest of us climbed up to Montmartre. We had to find masks for the evening party ! We did not want to wear any, but we thought it might be compulsory to enter so we bought one. We found out a little later that it wasn't and we did not use them (gooood !!!). The place was definitely not crowded, the music was excellent and the food awesooooome !!!! Guacamole made by hand, fajitas, and one quesadilla that was made just for me :-) (it was on the menu, but they did not made them as people were not hungry anymore. They finally made one for me :D). We also had foie gras for those who liked it ... We spent the whole evening there, dancing and meeting nice new people from Peru, Portugal ... and even Brittany ! lol

The next day, we slept a lot ... While my friends went back to Montmartre again to show Chloe who missed it the day before, I stayed home. We later went to the Moufetard street to find a nice restaurant. We had very good food and then walked to see the Pantheon, Sorbonne and other things. We caught the almost last metro (after waiting for a train that was actually not running anymore) and we finally managed to get home without walking the whole way back.

On Fri. morning, we went to the Louvre. Because of my plane, we did not have much time there. The line to enter the museum was so long (maybe 1.5, 2 hours) that we did not go into the museum. We just went around the palace, made a few photos by the pyramids and had crepes in the mall underground. I then left to catch my flight ...

Now I am back to Brittany, with a cold ! lol

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