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Tuesday May 26th, 2020


Chroniques de 2006

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Joyeux Anniversaire !!

Mardi 31 Octobre 2006 à 15:14:42


Un joyeux anniversaire à Pierrot et Brucenico !!!! Et un joyeux Halloween à tous ;-) !

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Mardi 24 Octobre 2006 à 17:50:51


I am leaving Austria to go to Spain where I got an Invited Professor job, then an Assistant Professor job (it takes a few months to make the paperwork). So soon, I won't be saying bad things about Austrians anymore ;-) And i will stop complaining about the bad weather also ;-)

Hum, you are all probably already planning to visit me in Madrid (and you are right, it's a really nice place to visit !), so I will let you know when I actually arrive there. I am thinking of taking 2 months off ... I am leaving Austria at the end of oct anyway, but will have to come back 2 weeks to reimburse the days off I have taken too many. So well, in nov/dec, I should arrive in Madrid ;-)

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Retour à la case départ ...

Jeudi 19 Octobre 2006 à 19:54:15


Well, no Manchester for us this weekend. I booked a car to go there that I should pick up today, 4pm. I went to the rental agency and a not very nice guy welcomed me. He first asked me, in horrible English, at least twenty times my address (which was written on my driving licence he had in his hands), my date of birth and so on ... After a while, he had finished with my data. He then asked me if I wanted the insurance. I said no as it was INCLUDED in the price already.

So after a while of talking, I finally had two choices: pay 100 pounds for the car with full insurance, plus 100 pounds deposit (that is 200 pounds instead of the 58 we were supposed to pay for the location) OR, pay those 58, plus 700 pounds deposit !!! So they actually wanted to charge me double price OR debit 700 pounds from my card. I said this was non-sense ! I rented a bunch of cars in different countries, I was never asked for such a thing ! That's how I ended up telling the guy he could go to hell and keep his fucking car ! na !

Well, the only thing is that we now have no car. We'll try to go to Brighton by train instead tomorrow ... pfffff ...

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Les Miserables

Mercredi 18 Octobre 2006 à 14:34:35


Well today, that's rather me who feels miserable ! This cold or flu or whatever is winning over me :'( The rhum had a great benefit two days ago, but did not work that well yesterday. I have the head the size of Elephantman's head, and big eyes coming out of it ... and no more nose (or maybe a red one) ...

Yesterday, we went to the musical "Les Miserables" with Angie. This was a really great show. I especially enjoyed the rotating platform and the effects of movement they could make thanks to this trick. Hum, also, I laughed very loud when the young blond guy climbed over the gate of Cosette's house (this also reminded me of some other climbing ;-) ) .... although he could have gone around it because only the "gate" was on stage, not the actual fence. I know it was not supposed to be funny, but for some reason, I could not hold did, dragging this poor Angie in the spiral of laugh with me ;-) lol lol

So well, if you've not seen the show yet, go and see it, it's really worth it. And you will recognize many songs ;-) (I'm terrible, I knew many of the songs but did not know they came from the musical ... ahaha ... thankfully (hihi :-) ), Angie is has a lot more knowledge than me on that stuff ;-)

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Happy Birthday !

Dimanche 15 Octobre 2006 à 13:21:20



En esperant que maintenant que tu m'as ratrappee, tu sois plus raisonnable ;-) lol ... hihi ;-)

Bon en tout cas, tu as du bol, ca tombe un weekend, donc tu peux le feter cet anniv ! ;-)

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Pump it up

Dimanche 15 Octobre 2006 à 13:06:01


Geeky, geeky, I know ... but more geeky than myself, there is Angie ... or rather addicted to inflatable plastic stuff ;-) lol ... Now get my title ?? lol ... ok, but you're wrong (I already see Brucenico or Stupidname with the tongue out of the mouth, doggy style ;-) ... hum, whatever, let's go back to the main subject !

Actually, before going back to the main subject, I wanted to mention that I did not forget to write about Zaragoza, Madrid or London. I just did not have time yet ;-)

A few years ago, back to 1999, Angie came to my room, all excited ! She had bought a couch and a couch table ... hum ... I was curious about the thing, and when I got to see it, I discoved it was an INFLATING couch (actually, called couch but the size of an armchair for Lilliput people) and and inflating round thing that could serve as a sitting device, or a table. Hum, I'm not sure what face I made when I saw that, buut I surely told her this thing would not last a week with the weird carpet and the weight of any normal human beeing who would sit in there.

I'm not quite sure, but I think that not even a day later, the couch was all desinflating ... hum ... So we decided to find the whole (in a transparent white thing, not easy !). Then I came with my great technique to repair bike tires and we went into the bathroom, filled the bathtub with water, and immerged the couch ! lol. Then, it began to be really funny ! We spent at least one or two hours looking for the mysterious hole, everybody in the dorm asking us what we were doing. Us laughing each time we were trying to explain.... After bathing for quite long (we were all wet and still did not find the hole !!), we gave up and eventually declared the couch DEAD ! lol

This would have been the end of a dream for any normal human beeing ... not for the plastic addicted Angie ;-) A week later, she came to my room again, to tell me she had bought a big armchair this time, transparent blue, but still in plastic ! lol. I could not stop laughing at her. Then, the thing arrived, we inflated it, and I guess it lived a bit longer that the other one ... But this is still not the end of the story !

Last friday night, I arrived to London ! Angie had a big surprise for me: my own inflating mattress for the night !! lol lol ... But unlike the one I had in Vienna (hum, I'll pass on the self-inflating mattress which never inflated, even with help ! LOL), this one had a "built-in pump". Hum, quite strange I must say. We unfolded the mattress and began to read the instructions. We could not find the pump. Then, after looking at the notice and the different holes of the thing, we eventually concluded there was only one possibility. So Angie began to "pump" with her foot. But nothing happened. We had in total two holes, the possibility to pump on one, and to close or open the pumping hole or the additional hole. So we began to try all the possible combination. Like if the second hole is open, how can the air stay in ? But if it is closed and the second one covered, where does the air come from to fill in the mattress ?? So many questions, too few answers !

Of course, as she was pumping and nothing, absolutely nothing was happening, I continued reading the notice. Up the the step 3: repeat two (which is "pump once") until the mattress is sufficiently inflated. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER INFLATE THE MATTRESS" ! That was too much for us, we began rolling on the floor laughing and finally gave up to go to bed (the normal one ! lol) and could not sleep for at least one hour, just laughing ... and remembering the transparent couch experience as well ;-) lol Yesterday, we watched a movie instead of trying to inflate the mattress (I think it should be possible with the hair dryer, maybe for tonight ;-) lol ). So the real question that remains: will Angie ever stop buying plastic inflating devices ;-) ? LOL LOL LOL (I hope not, it's sooooo funny ;-) aie aie, pas taper ! lol).

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Cernes par les cons (bis)

Dimanche 08 Octobre 2006 à 21:12:47


[Update 08 oct 06, 21:08 : cette chronique a été écrite hier, samedi 07 matin, vers 7h :-)]

La, je suis a l'aeroport, dépitée d'etre dans la partie internationale qui n'a pas le wireless ... Mais que vois-je, un couple de cons qui passe et qui repasse .... alors je ne peux pas m'empecher d'ecrire cette chronique, car ceux la, ils ont une bonne tete de vainqueurs si vous voyez ce que je veux dire ... bon aller, je vous raconte ...

Au check-in, nous faisions tous la queue, une queue longue et desordonnee ... quand soudain une nana se ramene et engueule son mari qui etait derriere moi car il n'avancait pas assez vite. Resultat, elle le traine deux places devant moi et commence a fighter avec le mec devant moi qui apparemment voulait pas trop le laisser passer. Lol .. le pere bidochon qui s'enerve et qui veut casser la gueule a un mec qui a la moitie de son age et fait le double de taille ;-) Finalement, le jeune lache le morceaux, les bidonchons s'intercalent. Mais la fie a cote, avec le self check-in avance plus vite. Donc madame casse couille grille les gens de la file d'a cote pour aller demander a l'hotesse pourquoi ca va plus vite et pourquoi elle peut pas se mettre dans la file ... hum, c'etait pourtant ecrit ... Nous voila enfin pres du but. Mr et Mme casse-couille sont les prochains. Mais alors la, bien sur, il n'ont pas compris le concept de la ligne jaune a ne pas depasser ! Tout juste s'ils ne sont pas grimper sur la valise des pauvres gens devant eux. Finalement, ils s'enregistrent, ouf ...

A l'embarquement ... hum, tout le monde attend, normalement ... mais non, il faut qu'il y ait un couple qui aille emmerder le mec de l'embarquement avant que ca commence, sans doute pour demander quand ils commencent, et s'ils peuvent passer avant, etc ... Bon finalement, on leur explique qu'il faut attendre ... Mais bien sur, pas moyen de les faire asseoir .. ils tournent donc en rond comme des cons avec leur carry-on. Pas de bol pour eux, quand l'embarquement commence, ils sont pas au bon endroit, ils se font griller par plein de gens ;-) Je suis mechaaaaante, mais j'ai trouve ca tres marrant ;-)

Voila, c'etait la chronique de l'aeroport du jour ... mais d'ici qu'ils se retrouvent a cote de moi dans la vie et qu'ils petent les couilles des hotesses, y a pas des kms ... Bon excusez la vulgarite ;-) Hum, encore une 20taine de personnes dans la queue, et j'ai pas envie de faire la queue ... j'ai eu un soupcon de wireless pendant 2 secondes, mais ca a plante et ca veut plus marcher, pfffff ...

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Sand in my shoes

Mercredi 04 Octobre 2006 à 20:57:45


Ok, I admit, I stole the title ;-) So well, I am back in Vienna, a lot less exotic than Seattle and around ... But thankfully ( ;-) ), I leave on saturday already ;-) Lots of things to do in the meantime though (a final (maybe the real one this time) version for a journal paper, the expenses of SCA, a proposal and a presentation for Madrid !) -- that is, in addition to the stuff I am payed for, ie Crossmod project ! pfff... But I do not go online tonight, 'cause I do not feel like working too much. I had not much sleep (actually, it was hard in the afternoon, i am fine now, as it is almost noon in my timezone ;-) ) and I rather answer my emails and put my new photos online ;-)

Ah ah, my computer playing with me ... Feel Good Inc. playing ;-) ...

Hum also I am invited by my neighbor for some wine, but I guess I'll stay home and propose her to do that tomorrow instead ...

Prolly you want to know more about the trip, so I'll tell a bit more ;-). First day in Seattle, I para-sailed (as you've already seen) and then went into the Seattle underground exhibition. In short (not like the guide who took 1,5 hours to tell us that), Seattle was constructed too low near the sea level and had constant problems of flood or rather evacuation for all kind of used waters. So well, the solution they found was to build new roads on top of the old ones (a few meters) and then, they ended up building new sidewalks ... and the first floor of the existing buildings disappeared underground. Still there nowadays, with rats, but we did not see any. Quite interesting to walk on the old sidewalks, now under the city ;-)

Day 2, we mainly travelled to Forks, a little city on the olympic peninsula. We had a goooooood dinner (a real steak !! ahah) with some californian (ah ah ) wine ;-)

Day 3 was the beach day. We spent hours watching seals, and I took a number of pictures with one pixel size seal's heads ;-) lol I'm still not sure I will dare showing those pictures ;-). Hum, so this was on Beach 1. Then we took a little trail (1.3 miles or kms, don't remember) to get to beach 3: awesome ! At this point, you're a bit sad when you don't have a sleeping bag to stay at the campfire other people were preparing ;-). Anyway, as the sun was going down behing a huge rock, we went back to beach 1 for the sunset, sun also behind a big rock ! lol. But at least, we could enjoy the fog ;-)

On day 4, we switched beach for greenery and went to the Rain Forest (it rains there more than anywhere else, but we did not see a single drop of water during the whole week, amusing ! No kayak on the Hoh River as the water level was too low, but a nice walk into the river bank and lots of HUGE trees !!! (I know, you want to see the photos, I'm working on it ;-) ).

Day 5 was the last day ! We drove back to Port Angeles where we rented kayaks to go on the sea. We were almost in Canada at that point ;-) Quite cold water, but awesome harbor seals (and no, they do not stink ! pfff). One of the seals liked me a lot and began to follow me, it was really funny ! For those photos, you have to pray and wait for me to go to the photo lab as I used a water-proof cheap camera ;-). After that, I drove to the ferry and we took the ferry back to Seattle: a bit chilly, but a nice ride and a wonderful view on the city (and crappy photos as the ferry shakes ! pffff !).

And well, here am I, back in Vienna ... after a 24 hours trip and 9 hours time difference !! And of course, I suffer some jet lag, that is, no way I can go to sleep right now !! ahahahahha ... ok ok, I'd better take care of the photos, but my couch is sooooooo comfortable ;-)

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